Home Economics

Welcome to the Home Economics Department


Home Economics Vision

“Our departmental purpose is to provide our pupils at each key stage with the knowledge, understanding and skills to live a healthy lifestyle, make responsible consumer choices, and appreciate the importance of family life. This will enable our pupils to lead effective lives as individuals and family members as well as members of the wider community”.

Home Economics Aims

Studying Home Economics equips young people to make healthy choices, shop wisely and become independent members of society.

At Key Stage 3, Home Economics is a contributory part within Learning for Life and Work. The skills, knowledge and understanding developed through studying Home Economics are important in today’s society, where:

  • Many people rely on ready-made meals;
  • Obesity is an increasing problem; and
  • Diet-related illness is prevalent.


Mrs Carragher: Head of Department
Mrs Marron: Director of Learning for Life and Work
Mrs O’Hagan: BTEC Co-ordinator
Miss G Magee

Facilities and Resources

The Home Economics department also consists of two multi-purpose rooms one of which is fully equipped with computers and printers to assist with the delivery of ICT within Home Economics.

BTEC Level 3 CCLD (Child Care Learning and Development)

The Home Economics Department also offers BTEC Level 3 Child Care Learning and Development for Post-16 pupils. Many students who study Home Economics at GCSE go on to enhance their learning by studying BTEC Level 3 CCLD to pursue further studies in the subject or a career in this profession.