Vision for the Department
Our vision, as a team, in St Mark’s English Department is not an objective with a predetermined timeline, but rather an overall goal that is accomplished over the years.

We are a department whose aims and targets continually change for the better, but at the heart of our team is always the objective to provide high quality learning and teaching.

We strive to provide a positive and inspiring environment to work within, where we deliver the curriculum and results to match the ambitions of our pupils and teachers.

St Mark’s English Department is responsible for delivering the programme of study for English from Years 8 – 13 and 14 (No present Year 14 class).

The English Department also delivers English Literature at GCSE and A Level and has done so for quite a few years. One group of students are chosen each year to study GCSE English Literature in their progression from Key Stage Three to GCSE / Year 11. The make-up of this class is decided upon in May/June when all Key Stage Three teachers meet to moderate levels of progression. It is generally assumed that students who have achieved a consistent level 6 across their Key Stage Three Assessment Tasks will be chosen to study the subject. Other criteria are also used, such as reading ages, spelling ages, work ethic and the professional judgement of their KS3 teacher.

The department alternatively also delivers Essential Skills in Communication to those students that find GCSE English too limiting.

English is taught by the following teachers:
Mr A McCourt- HOD
Mr C Rodgers- Year Head/ ICT Co-ordinator/ Data Manager
Mrs Featherstone- Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs L Campbell- Library Co-ordinator
Mr D McReynolds- English Dept
Mrs R Nealon- English & Religion Dept
Mrs R Collins- Year Head