Welcome to the Education Centre for pupils with a Physical Disability (E.C.P.D).

The E.C.P.D has been specifically designed to cater for physically disabled pupils of secondary age. To prepare the pupils for life beyond school by encouraging them to be as independent as possible and also to make them aware of the further training and career opportunities which exist.

The E.C.P.D consists of a main Classroom staffed by experienced staff and provided with the necessary resources to cater for its pupils. The E.C.P.D has additional input from the Allied Health Professionals whose therapists visit the E.C.P.D on a regular basis to meet the physical needs of the pupils. There is a Therapy Room adjacent to the main classroom where the Allied Health Professionals can work.

The advantage of having the E.C.P.D in St. Mark’s is that the pupils are given the opportunity to integrate with their peers on both an academic and social level. The school building has been modified to give access to all pupils throughout the school.

If it is not possible for individual pupils to be fully integrated into mainstream, the curriculum is delivered within the E.C.P.D, which provides a happy, caring, secure learning environment in which their needs can be met.

Highlights/Special Events: The pupils are given the opportunity to participate in as many mainstream events as possible. Participation depends on their level of independence but every effort is made to ensure some participation. In the past pupils have been included in Year Group trips to the Opera House in Belfast, The Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh. Pupils get involved in field trips related to their subjects E.g: river studies, environment projects, retreats and work experience.

At Christmas and on various times during the year, many occasions are marked in an enjoyable way with shopping trips, meals and other appropriate events.