Welcome to the Drama Department

St Mark’s Drama Department is a vibrant, happy department. At present 4 teachers deliver a programme of Drama to students in Key Stage 3. We offer a two year course at GCSE in Drama and Performing Arts where pupils gain 2 GCSE’s for the price of one.

We offer an “A” Level in Drama and Theatre Studies at Post 16 with 100% grade A-C pass rate for the past 3 years. Results achieved by our senior students are excellent and are testimony to the hard work and vitality of our students and teachers.


We provide a wide range of extra curricular activities including a Drama club, theatre visits, school productions, and field trips. These activities contribute to the friendly, dynamic atmosphere within the Drama Department.

At the heart of all our work are our many students.  We provide our students, parents and teachers with many exciting learning opportunities, lasting friendships and wonderful memories.

We build confidence, creativity and team practice our own unique way.

Key Stage 3 

You will have one period of Drama per week in Years 8 to 10.  The course at Key Stage 3 is very practical and provides an excellent foundation for GCSE Drama. It will help you gain confidence in yourself, helping you to speak out more clearly. It will encourage you to work within a team and share ideas and value the opinion of others. Your drama teacher will be friendly and fun. He/she will make the subject really interesting. You will of course get to act in your Drama class and if you find that you love the subject you can join the Drama Club.

Each year in St Mark’s we have a Year 8 Talent show where pupils in Year 8 display their talents for their peers and form teachers. This has been a tradition in St Mark’s for over 25 years, the form teacher’s act as the judges and a cup is presented to the winning act.

Year 8 Who am I Drama

Rugby Drama Activity Year 9

Drama Year 10 I’m a Teenager (3)

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer Drama GCSE. This is a very practical course that allows you to develop your performance skills. Good attendance is really important for you to do well.

We also offer Performing Arts G.C.S.E in Year 11. This course will develop your imagination, and you will have the opportunity to use Dance and Music as part of your performances. You will have the opportunity to take part in many performances and competitions including local drama festivals and school productions.

Post 16

At Post 16 we offer “A” Level Drama and Theatre Studies. This is an extremely popular choice of subject for our students at Post 16. Students pursuing the subject enjoy the practical element and visit the theatre on a regular basis. This course allows the students and teacher to select interesting, enjoyable texts and performances to review. Parents are welcome to attend all performance work. This “A” Level course is accepted by all universities as part of the entry into all subject areas. As an A Level student you will take a leading role in the running of the drama club, you will have the opportunity to mentor younger pupils and experience directing and producing.


Our courses provide an excellent stepping stone to all sorts of careers. Past students have followed various paths such as acting for stage and film; technical work, for example make-up artists and wardrobe assistants; and various other careers in the media. Not all our students pursue a drama-related career and many have gone on to third level education studying law, accountancy, teaching, and other areas.

Students who study our courses have stated that drama has helped them to be confident in themselves and in dealing with others. They also value the need to be committed and team work, self-discipline, communication and people-orientated skills learnt in our department courses are essential requirements for all careers.

What does it mean to be part of St Mark’s Drama Department? 

The Drama Department is a really happy one. If you want to meet people and have fun, it’s the place to be in St Mark’s. The teachers are dedicated to helping you enjoy your years in St Mark’s and offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities that will make your school years happy and memorable. A lot happens in the Drama department outside the classroom. Our activities will make you feel more confident, happier and better informed about yourself, others and the world around you.