School Aims

St Mark’s School seeks to foster a commitment to our Catholic values and aims to provide a high quality learning experience by:

1. Recognising and developing the talents of all;
2. To create an appreciation of education through high quality Learning and Teaching;
3. Creating a community where each individual is supported and encouraged to be their best

We aim to provide:

• A high quality learning and teaching that develops the potential and uniqueness of every young person;
• A just and caring community where all are treated equally;
• Pastoral provision that ensures the development of our students spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and academically;
• A relevant and challenging curriculum that promotes achievement for all;
• A community that supports the development of self-discipline, self-esteem motivation and confidence;
• An inclusive ethos which aims to respect the life, dignity, faith and voice of each individual, made in the image of God;
• A culture of tolerance where diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, supported, respected and cherished;
• An ethos of mutual respect and understanding in which everyone can feel safe and secure and have a sense of purpose;
• Continuing professional development for all staff including the promotion of their health and well-being;
• An effective working partnership with parents, guardians and our wider community